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toshokan_senso's Journal

Toshokan Senso :: Library Wars
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A community for the series Toshokan Senso covering the light novels, manga, and anime
A community for the series Toshokan Senso [図書館戦争], a light novel that is now a manga and will be an anime starting April 10th on the Noitamina block on Fuji TV. Please check it out!

Discussion of episodes, sharing of media, and general geeking are all welcome.

It is the year 2019. Thirty years have passed since The Ordinance of Media Betterment was enacted in Japan. The Ordinance regulates behaviour that disrupts public order and infringes human rights. Against the militarized Betterment Special Agency which regulates all kinds of media, a Library was founded to confront ultra vires censorship. The conflict between the Media Betterment Brigade and the Library Brigade continues to unfold in Japan. Kasawara Iku, who was recruited as a voluntary Librarian, aims to become a Defense Member, a role that is the most dangerous within the Library Brigade. She keeps her dream secret from her parents and undergoes strict training. When Iku was still in high school, a book was taken from her by the Betterman Special Agency at a bookstore and she was saved by a Librarian. She yearns to be 'an ally of the righteous', fantasizes about the Librarian (whose face she does not remember) as a prince, and decides to become a Librarian herself. At long last, Iku finally manages to join the ranks of the elite members of the Library Special Brigade.

Also from AnimeNfo.com:
In the year 2019, 30 years have passed since the Media Purification Law, which cracks down on articles that incite public disorder or infringes human rights, was enacted. The agents of the Special Organization for Purification arm themselves and control various media. Meanwhile, libraries rise up against extralegal censorship.

& All large images and spoiler material should be put under an LJ-Cut
& Friends Lock all media content such as episode downloads, manga scanlations/raws, and other things of this nature
& Utilize the tag system! It helps new members find their way around
& Be friendly to one another. It's ok to disagree and have arguments, but keep them civil. Personal attacks won't be tolerated. At the same time, please keep a sense of humor and an open mind.
& Stay on topic please. Pimping of other communities should be limited to Toshokan Senso-related communities. Roleplay pimping is permitted, but please only do it once a month tops
& Have fun! When in doubt, ask a mod for help!

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